Integrated Syringe Pump and Specimen Bath

We enhanced the existing client design by incorporating the drive electronics and motor below the syringe pump and bath. The liquid heated specimen bath was redesigned to better meet the clients specific requirements with improved fittings and larger bath area.

Test Pipe 2D Actuator Design

This actuator was designed to meet initiative testing requirements for the new O-Tube facility at The University of Western Australia. In conjunction with the purpose designed internal load cells providing closed loop feedback, the instrumented pipe maintains programmed buoyancy and position in simulated seabed water currents.

Soil Interface Friction Angle

A two channel data acquisition system was created to for fill a requirement to measure and log raw data used in determining soil interface friction angles. The system is able to measure angles up to +/- 90° with 0.1° resolution. Initial movement of the soil carrier is determined through a non-contact sensor so as to not influence results.

Analog -> Digital -> Analog

Due to ground loop variances in a clients long wire analogue actuator feed back system degrading the signal to noise ratio, an isolated digital cable replacement was devised. To exceed the best case performance of the analogue system, 16 bit DAC's and ADC's were used. A high speed MCU and communication protocol was also used to minimise system latency.